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Lita, the Juoy-baby of inner-light, chooses to give up a blessed life, filled with immense beauty and abundance, to embark on a very important mission. Despite being the beloved daughter of King Abner, ruler of Pardes, she becomes a Limp in the land of Faragh, a desolate and forsaken place. Here she learns that life is tough; a daily battle for food, shelter and survival. A battle between the haves and the have-nots. Her path crosses with three fallen Juoy-babies who she persua​​​​des to join her on her journey back to Pardes through the ominous Plaga Valley. In the Valley the foursome is challenged around every corner, facing terrifying ordeals, beasts and life-threatening dangers. It is an onerous quest. Can Lita’s light help lead these fallen Juoy-babies safely back to Pardes … and at what cost?

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  • Dublin, Leinster, Ireland